May 25, 2011

More Updates...?

Well, it looks like Stardoll are making more updates. 
As I went to visit a friends page and received this message...

There's been alot of changes recently at Stardoll,
do you like how Stardoll's becoming? Or do you think that they 
should cut back on how many things they change?

It's that time again...

50% SALE!
We all love a good bargian, and the Sales are back!
But remember it only last a few days, so shop, shop, shop!

New Suite Extension...

Get a Beach Villa in your Suite!
Yes, Stardoll has been busy! So they gave us the chance to 
dip our virtual toes into the ocean, that you can access via your 
suite, but it does come at a very high price (at 199SD!) 
But I guess you can't put a price on luxurious bliss, right?

More New PPQ!

Yes Stardoll has released yet more PPQ!
So now everyone can look super trendy and fashion forward, 
even if you need to spend a few more stardollars

Latest Doll...

The New Doll Release is...

Logan Lerman

who's that guy?
the star actor of the Percy Jackson Series!

March 23, 2011

New HotBuys:April Edition.

The New Hotbuys of April 2011!
What ya' think? I quite like them myself, but only a few pieces. But an improvement none-the-less, but we're never gonna' see Hotbuys like the first few seasons anyways :)

Princess_pink ♥x

Mars Mania!

Yeah, so I kinda love, love, love Bruno Mars to pieces! And I was so glad when I logged onto Stardoll this evening to see this:

But jheez Stardoll you could have made him as handsome as he actually is!
I pay £3.95 a month to see a poor job done of Bruno? -.-

ah, well. What d'you think? Like it? Love it? Or hate it?
Leave a comment.
Princess_pink ♥x

Something's New @ PPQ!

Yeah, that's right Stardoll have chosen to release yet even more
PPQ clothing at the Starplaza! What do you think of the brand,
is it too expensive in your opinion? Or is it a lovely
brand for those few but sweet, treats?

Princess_pink ♥x

March 19, 2011

Free LE Rug! Hurry.

This the LE Interior Competition for Poland where you're gifted a free rug!

Polish proxy: or proxy.trash.p
then just visit:
login and go to:

Logout from the proxy if you're using one and go back to the normal Stardoll :)
And voila a present will be waiting in your suite!

Princess_pink ♥x

March 12, 2011

The Spring Glitch

As many people may already know that there has been a glitch with the new Spring Surprise campaign that Stardoll released only a few days back now, but it still hasn't been completely fixed as I recently got 8 free presents this morning!

All you have to do is go to the Starplaza and buy the PPQ scarf, it does cost 24SD but, hey, you may get so a nice surprise when you return to your suite as I did :)

Here's my fave freebie! I think it's quite cute and ideal for spring, gotta love a bargain!

Have you used the glitch to your advantage?
Get anything you liked?
Feel free to leave a comment below.

March 08, 2011

And The LE Has Arrived!


Did you get that letter aswell?
Yes that's right, it's once again time for Stardolls mad rush for those limited
edition items that are sold out in minutes! But this time it's gone Decor!
So what do you make of the new 'Decor', do ya' like it?
Or would you have preferred the normal clothing line?

I bought a couple of items 'cause I liked the horses,
but I'm not as hyped as some people are about it,
but it's nice to see Stardoll try new things! But I still hope they
have a clothing line out, I like clothes, and interiors and decors
aren't my biggest interest, but that's just my opinion :D

What did you buy? Were you disappointed? Or is it
just overpriced SuiteShop gone overboard?

Leave your opinions and comment below x

March 07, 2011

Many Apologies Guys!

I haven't posted anything at all for soooo long, but I've been so busy in these last few months, with school and all the coursework that needs doing, as I'm in my lasst year of highschool and am doing my GCSE's. I know I'm quite old to be on Stardoll, but I honestly love the site and all it's features ♥ Well, it's been hard to even log onto Stardoll. But hopefully I will be able to start posting a bit more, more often.
So stay tuned for the future!

I love gir! ♥