May 25, 2011

More Updates...?

Well, it looks like Stardoll are making more updates. 
As I went to visit a friends page and received this message...

There's been alot of changes recently at Stardoll,
do you like how Stardoll's becoming? Or do you think that they 
should cut back on how many things they change?

It's that time again...

50% SALE!
We all love a good bargian, and the Sales are back!
But remember it only last a few days, so shop, shop, shop!

New Suite Extension...

Get a Beach Villa in your Suite!
Yes, Stardoll has been busy! So they gave us the chance to 
dip our virtual toes into the ocean, that you can access via your 
suite, but it does come at a very high price (at 199SD!) 
But I guess you can't put a price on luxurious bliss, right?

More New PPQ!

Yes Stardoll has released yet more PPQ!
So now everyone can look super trendy and fashion forward, 
even if you need to spend a few more stardollars

Latest Doll...

The New Doll Release is...

Logan Lerman

who's that guy?
the star actor of the Percy Jackson Series!