Here are all the LE items that are available on Stardoll, all the earliest items are highly sought after because of their rarity. But either way Limited Edition is one of Stardolls' most collectible items although they are very expensive, but every piece is exclusive, some more than others. But they're totally worth every stardollar!

Limited Edition: First Season
The very first season of LE is the most rarest on Stardoll as it was a new brand to Stardoll and there were far less members than there are today, therefore not as many editions of the items as there is today also. I think this is one of my personal favourite seasons of LE I love the studded leather, and glitzy sparkles, although there were only two floors to the store. But an excellent season none-the-less!

Limited Edition|Second Season
|February 2008|
I think this season is really cute and was a really good idea of Stardoll making a valentine themed season! I love all the denim, hearts and stitched details to these items with a really subtle girly touch. My favourite item out of this Collection is the Cupid Hearts Dress it's a really simple dress with a little bit of ruffle and pretty hearts detailing, I'm also in love with the Heart Shaped Sunnies! They're so cute and are suited to most outfits :D

Limited Edition|Third Season
|Spring 2008|
This Season is a really cute feminine collection focusing on vintage floral prints to sparkly details, along with bows, ruffles and tassels. The colour scheme is really nice and perfect for spring! Alot of dresses in this season compared to the 1
st and 2nd seasons but they are beautiful dresses either way! I love the Hippie Tank, Rainbow Tie-Dye Maxi-Dress and the I heart Spring necklace best out of this season as well as the blue floral printed bikini, but yet another wonderful season of LE by Stardoll. 
What do you think?

Limited Edition|Fourth Season

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