August 26, 2010

New Doll: Naturi Naughton

Yes, Naturi Naughton is Stardoll's newest doll. If you're not too sure who she is, she was originally a singer and a member in an R&B group/trio called 3LW and also gave a try at acting an played the role of Lil' Kim in the film Noturious. Which afterwards lead to Lil'Kim disliking Naturi as an actress and posted mean things about her on her Facebook profile. Ooops! Oh well? If you would like to know a little more about her click here.

Apologies Followers!

Sorry I haven't posted anything what-so-ever over the past few days, I slept over my friends house and ended up staying there for almost a week, paha! Well it was fun but back to blogging for me now! 
Biggest apologies Princess_pink♥x

August 20, 2010

Another Free Marmaduke Dog!

Okay, all you need to do it your from the UK is click on the first link then paste the second link in your address bar, then you're done. If you're not from the UK then follow these steps.

Use a UK proxy site like or

Go to, then login! Paste the first link into the address bar on the proxy site then hit go, then do the same with the second link then you can log out, and find your free dog in your suite after returning to your normal Stardoll! (without the proxy)

First Link:

Second Link:

New Doll: Keri Russell

The Latest Doll to come to Stardoll, is American Actress Keri Russell...
 she started her career at the Mickey Mouse Club back in 1991 from then she has featured in many TV Shows and big movies such as a few episodes in Scrubs, her latest movie - Extraordinary Measures, Bedtime Stories, Waitress and many many more. If you'd like to learn more about this talented Actress, simply click here.

August 18, 2010

Free Saturdays CD/Poster

If you love the Saturdays or just want something for free then simply join they're club 'Saturdays' and voila! it'll appear in your suite. This has come to Stardoll due to the release of they're new single "Headlines" and they hope you enjoy it! :D

How To Get Free O' Boticário items!!

Okay, so I know many of you have been confused as to how to get the free Lipgloss and Tee by O'Boticário brand as it's open to Portugal and Brazil only? Well you have to use a manual proxy, there is no other way to get these items. It's quite tricky but once you've done it I'm sure you'll see it was worth it. It took me ages but here we go!

So first off Log out of Stardoll, then you need to change you LAN/ Proxy settings to with port 8080 (This one worked for me better) but you can also use this one with port 8080.

Once you've done that go to Stardoll and paste this into your address bar:

you'll then be taken to this page...

Click on the yellow bit, wait a little while, while the page loads then your done! You can now turn the proxy off and return the LAN settings back to normal!

You'll then find two little green bags, one in your suite and one waiting for you at your beauty parlor, with a free purple tee and a free pink lipgloss!

Enjoy your free gifts! You earned them! x

New Doll: LeAnn Rimes

Newest Doll to Stardoll is.... LeAnn Rimes! 
She's a 28-year-old American singer born in Jackson, Mississippi, she started her singing career at the very early age of only 3. And has gone on to sell over 20 million records worldwide, she has sung for many tv shows including Dancing with the Stars, Smallville, Dancing on Ice, at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and many other well know shows! To find out more about tha Star click here!

Dear John Competition!

If you loved the film Dear John and haven't got it on DVD yet... then enter this competition for the chance to win hundreds of Stardollars and a Dear John DVD!! It's simple to enter and you might even win? So give it a go :D Sorry but this comp is only open to members of the UK.
Simply go to this link CLICK HERE and answer the question!
enter your personal information and...Good Luck!

August 16, 2010

New Doll: Tulisa Contostavlos

Newest Stardoll is .... Tulisa from N-Dubs!! Yes that's right group singer/ turning solo artist Tulisa Contostavlos in on Stardoll. She has had a hard start in life with her mother suffering from a mental disorder, but has finally made herself a successful young woman. If you're not from the UK, or just don't know who she is she is a singer in the group named N-Dubz, they're most famous and successful song is "Number One" featuring Tinchy Styder, and ironically went straight to Number One in it's release and stayed there for many weeks. They then had another successful hit with "I Need You" featuring the lyrics "I've been searching all over Facebook, and I can't seem to find you!" made it even more of a win for the group seeing their Facebook fans increasing by the hour! But since their Debut Album "Uncle B" they have won many awards and have been on tour for a while they're also set to head out to the States very soon!

Update: Edelweiss...

 ... it's not a new store just another ad to promote the new wintery clothing that Stardoll have brought to the Starplaza. I'm not too keen on any of them I must say, I'd never wear such things. But I guess they're alright....

A-aaanyway just so you can see all the items....

August 14, 2010

Is it another new store?...

It displays on the Cover on this image, and when you click on it you're taken to the Starplaza, are Stardoll already bringing out a Winter Store perhaps?...

New Lipsy Dresses

We all love them and so does Stardoll, that must be why Stardoll has released 3 more Lipsy Inspired Dresses just take a look...

they range from 11-13 SD as you can see but finally they are non supertar, is it just a glitch? Well grab yourself some gorgeous dresses while you can ;] 

August 13, 2010

It's Friday the 13th...

...but how do you feel about it?
Are you superstitious, or don't you believe in all the old wives tales, "it's unlucky", "all things go wrong on this day"... share your thoughts, start a discussion! :D

New Store: identiTee

 Yes Stardoll has finally released their store identiTee!

The store offers a few tee's at super affordable prices, with the highest priced item at only 4SD, bargains to be had here people! But the designs aren't that amazing, but what do you expect they're only 1-4SD and you can't complain about that :)

New Doll: Diane Kruger

Newest Stardoll .... Diane Kruger a German Actress starring in films such as Farewell, Lascars, Inhale, Lily Sometimes and many more! I don't really know who she is too well but I don't live in Germany, but she's very pretty :)

August 11, 2010

Interior Sale!

Nothing amazing in the sale, but if your looking to buy a few new items to give your suite a new look I guess it comes in handy.

Free Alexander McQueen Dress!

If you've received this mail from Stardoll click on the link and complete the survey (which takes a long time) but fill it out anyway, then they will ask for your username in the last question so they know who to send the free dress to, but it takes a few days, is it worth it? Well I completed the survey anyway (even though I already own this dress :|) But it all helps Stardoll improve it's site making it a better place for it's users!!

If you haven't done the Survey yet, click here!

Free Ride! from KHOL'S

Stardoll giving away yet more awesome gifts! Is it Christmas already?! :'D
When US members of Stardoll simply log in you will receive this cute car 

in your suite! But if you are not from the US use a proxy 
like:  or

Login! And the car is yours for absolutely nothing!
It seems to be from KHOL'S new range 'Hang Ten'

Don't be overcharged!

Stardoll tried to catch us out, but don't follow they're orders!
Stardoll display they're 'Stardoll Necklace' from the 'As seen on Stardoll TV' brand with a high tag price of 12SD for a single necklace! 

Well simply search for 'pink' and go to the 24TH page, buy this necklace and you get two necklaces for 3SD!! Bargain!! 

Free Marmaduke Dog

Another Free Item, win! Stardoll is being rather generous these days don't you think Stardollers! ^-^

It is available to UK members only! So if your not from the UK... no worries you just need to use a proxy site, simply use this site and log in to Stardoll as usual:

All you need to do is watch the trailer here and your Marmaduke Dog will be in your suite. Copy this link into the address bar>>

There will also be another free furry friend coming up soon!

will you go and see this movie when it hits the cinema's? Drop a comment.

Princess_pink ♥

Free Poster

More Free Items!
Receive this free L'occitane en Provence Poster simply by logging in!
This is for Swedish Stardoll Members only! But if you aren't from Sweden simply use this proxy and log in go! Then back to your suite on your your normal Internet Browser and Ta Daah!

Missing Hot Buys Dress

If your still wondering where the August Hot Buys Dress has gone, worry no longer! If you still haven't bought it yet click here and the dress will be in your dressing room, it isn't available anywhere in the Starplaza not even through search! Yet another Stardoll Glitch as they did the same with Hot Buys Hair Bow back in July!

New Doll: Cate Blanchett

Stardoll's latest Stardoll is of Austrailian Actress Cate Blanchett she has featured in movies such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and many, many more! She has previously won a total of around 60 Awards including and Oscar. To find out more about this Stardoll please click here!

Priness_pink ♥

Free Items

Yes that's right get these items now for absolutely nothing! I love it when Stardoll are giving items away for free :D It's Superstar only though (what a surprise), but still it's free! The pink cuff is quite cute especially for a free item, and the gold chain could go with a few simple outfits.

To get these two items, simply go to the Starplaza and search Bisou!
And you can find them on the second page...

Princess_pink ♥

August 10, 2010

New Store at Starplaza.

The New Store Herve Leger is now at Starplaza!

A tad expensive but the prices aren't too high, also the dresses are quite stylish (nothing too special) but the shoes are all the same design only in different colours. Check out the store for yourself at the Starplaza right now! :)

What your favourite dress out of the collection? Do you like them? Leave a comment and start a discussion.

Princess_pink ♥