August 16, 2010

New Doll: Tulisa Contostavlos

Newest Stardoll is .... Tulisa from N-Dubs!! Yes that's right group singer/ turning solo artist Tulisa Contostavlos in on Stardoll. She has had a hard start in life with her mother suffering from a mental disorder, but has finally made herself a successful young woman. If you're not from the UK, or just don't know who she is she is a singer in the group named N-Dubz, they're most famous and successful song is "Number One" featuring Tinchy Styder, and ironically went straight to Number One in it's release and stayed there for many weeks. They then had another successful hit with "I Need You" featuring the lyrics "I've been searching all over Facebook, and I can't seem to find you!" made it even more of a win for the group seeing their Facebook fans increasing by the hour! But since their Debut Album "Uncle B" they have won many awards and have been on tour for a while they're also set to head out to the States very soon!

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