March 08, 2011

And The LE Has Arrived!


Did you get that letter aswell?
Yes that's right, it's once again time for Stardolls mad rush for those limited
edition items that are sold out in minutes! But this time it's gone Decor!
So what do you make of the new 'Decor', do ya' like it?
Or would you have preferred the normal clothing line?

I bought a couple of items 'cause I liked the horses,
but I'm not as hyped as some people are about it,
but it's nice to see Stardoll try new things! But I still hope they
have a clothing line out, I like clothes, and interiors and decors
aren't my biggest interest, but that's just my opinion :D

What did you buy? Were you disappointed? Or is it
just overpriced SuiteShop gone overboard?

Leave your opinions and comment below x

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